Tuesday, September 16, 2008

DeSean Jackson: A Philly Perspective

April 2008: Philly fans go crazy over the team drafting DeSean Jackson, WR, Cal with their 2nd pick of the 2008 NFL Draft. Look at this guy! Finally a receiver with speed, moves and talent to step up and replace Terrell Owens (the only worthwhile receiver the Eagles have ever had on their roster aside from Harold Carmichael). In a moment of impulsive excitement, I jump for joy at the opportunity to cheer for arguably one of Cal's finest playing for my hometown Birds.

Ten seconds later. Reality sets in.

Once the sugar rush subsided I remembered that this was STILL the same DeSean Jackson who routinely refused to go all out in the middle of the field. The same one who had awful work ethic (which I admit, it's hard to really push yourself for Jeff Tedford but still). The same one who picked Cal over USC because USC had already given someone the #1 jersey (which is why I love seeing you hold a #2!). The same one who is generously listed at 5'10" (he's closer to 5'8", folks!).

For a team coming off the internal destruction caused by T.O., it was unsettling to see my city hinge our Superbowl prospects on a guy who's dad and brother have only helped feed his ego since he was young.

Once I came to my senses, I realized what we had here wasn't even someone who was as bad as T.O. (come on man, T.O. is a lot more talented than DeSean Jackson)....we had a rehashed, poor-man's Ricky Watters! Once I realized the comedic value in having DeSean on the team I, of course, bought in and got myself a DeSean Eagles jersey. Not because I enjoy him as a player, but because I have an obsession with buying Eagles jerseys for players who turn into pop-culture references and are never heard from again. Three years from now, my DeSean Jackson jersey will be worth 5 times as much in campy value as it is today.

Last night during the Eagles/Cowboys Monday Night Football game. We were reminded of who DeSean Jackson really is. On live TV in primetime, the guy caught a 60+ yard TD pass but was so intent on being able to do his post score celebration dance that he flipped the ball over his shoulder before actually stepping into the endzone. Nice one! The TD was called back (Westbrook thankfully scored on the next play) and the Eagles had the ball at the goal line. But the damage was done. The room full of Eagles fans looked at me and finally realized the gospel I had been spewing since April. This guy wasn't the next big thing and cared more about himself than the team. Kornheiser was relentless on Jackson for the rest of the game. I loved it. FINALLY, a broadcaster east of the Mississippi will talk about how self-centered and brain-dead DeSean is. To the two ESPN.com commentators who boldly predicted DeSean would be Offensive Rookie of the Year....I say you deserve to be put to sleep. You clearly never watched a single Cal game. That is the only explanation I can think of to justify making such a baseless and idiotic statement like "DeSean Jackson will win rookie of the year."

Us Philly fans may be bad. We may boo one day and cheer the next. But it's because we like winners. We've had so few of them. Curt Schilling (while an asshole) was a winner. Bobby Clarke was a winner. Dr. J was a winner. I've met winners at Gary Barbera's Dodgeland Philly Sports Extravaganza, DeSean Jackson...and you sir are not a winner.

Bergcrest out.

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J. Reed said...

Whoa.. get the facts straight. Desean Jackson is a speed reciever who is smaller than me 5'11 175. He's not the type to go over the middle of the field. Put him over the middle and you lose your reciever. He is best on deep routes and quick passes to get him in space.

Yea the celebration was a guff on his part but he's a rookie and excited to score his first NFL TD.

Desean will be a good secondary reciever and Philly fans should realize that. He is no stud, but definitely an upgrade from what you guys have had (Kevin Curtis are you serious).