Monday, December 15, 2008

I've been tagged!

Ok so my friend and colleague, James "Jaywalk" Walker, tagged me so here is the game plan:

  1. link your original tagger(s), and list these rules on your blog.
  2. share seven facts about yourself in the post - some random, some weird.
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1. I have a tattoo and want another. When I was a sophomore at Syracuse, I went to the Village Star II at the corner of McDougal and Bleecker Streets in New York City and got a late-night tattoo. I wanted to get a bass clef on my ankle because it was one of the first instruments I played. I got it on my ankle in hopes that my parents wouldn't see that the Jewish boy "destroyed" his body (yeah, that didn't really work out). When I got the tattoo, the guy said it was the 2nd most creative tattoo he'd ever done. I asked him what was the most creative tattoo he did and he said, "Some guy wanted me to make it look like there was a panther jumping out of his ass!" My good friend, Jenny P, was there for it all.

2. I played hockey in high school. While the Mainline Philadelphia kids (read: Jews) did tennis lessons and basketball, I lived with all the Irish catholic kids and played ice and roller hockey. I loved it. There are now five NHL fans still alive. I'm happy to be one of them.

3. I worked at both Blockbuster and Ruby Tuesday's one summer while living in Syracuse. I did nothing but worked and took two classes that later never even applied to my major. I made over $3000 that summer. I am pretty sure I spent all of the money on candy and DVDs.

4. I am really good at remembering names and faces. Part of this is because I used to be a fundraiser; part of this is a natural skill developed by those with ADD. People ask me, "Berg - how do you have 1800 friends on Facebook?" and I say, "I just remember names and faces really well." It's weird because my dad went through a 5 year period where he called all my friends that were girls either "Amy" or "Jen" because those were the girls I hung out with. He's much better now and remembers everyone. The part of my brain that was supposed to store knowledge of literature and academics, was clearly used to remember the random hippie I met at a Phish show in 2000.

5. I have been to over 40+ Phish shows. That's right, I saw the quintessential jam band more times than I can count. I'm estimating about 45, but I have no idea really. I just know I did a lot of dancing, missed a lot of class and ate a lot of grilled cheese.

6. I am a total fan boy Ever since I was two and my father took me to see "Return of the Jedi" I have been into science fiction, fan boy-type movies and being a nerd. I'm a big "Star Trek" geek too and would put "Star Trek: The Next Generation" among my top 5 shows of all time. I have a light saber application on my Iphone and a life size cardboard cutout of Admiral Ackbar in my office. I am also now regretting this post, but whatever.

7. I love to network and meet new people. I have never been really shy. It's a blessing and a curse. I feel comfortable with crowds to the point where if you ask a lot of my friends how we met, more than half will probably say randomly on a street or at a Phillies game or in a parking lot. When I was at grad school at GW in 2003, there were evidently "two" Adam Rosenbergs at the school. Go Figure! One (me) was in grad school, the other in undergrad. Somehow I received an email containing a beta-test version of the original Facebook (back when it still had text on the page that read "Too close for missiles, I'm switching to guns.") and I started using it to connect to new people and old friends. I love that social media has made random meetings and friendships a more acceptable occurrence in society. Friends can now be officially friends and trust each other simply by knowing they have "over 50 mutual friends." It's the networking aspect to building relationships that drives me and fascinates me about social marketing. My friends Adam, Jason and Matt are good examples of this idea in effect. I was never formally introduced to either of them, but eventually hit such a high number of common friends, that we just accepted that we were friends and left it at that. It's a lot like starting a friendship on the 15th time you hang out versus from scratch.

So the special folks who have been tagged:

Adam Conner
Jenny Piston
Matt Ortega
Jason Rosenberg
Craig "Tiger" Smith
Brendon Fleming
Brendan Lilly

To those tagged, your mission is:
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Good Luck!

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